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Fetes and Festivals

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A sure-fire crowd-pleaser! Puppetrix’s Punch and Judy show has been a featured attraction, year on year, at many fetes and festivals!

“You have an excellent show and we really enjoyed having you at the carnival for the last few years.” - Offa Carnival

Carl is able to perform a single show but most bookers opt for a number of performances throughout the day to please the ever changing audience.

Each shows lasts around 30 minutes; Long enough to entertain but not long enough to keep the crowd away from visiting the other attractions and stalls for too long.

In addition, Carl can provide on-going entertainment between shows with roaming puppets and circus style juggling for the children to try for themselves. The show is completely self-contained and suitable for indoor or outdoor performances.

“Many thanks for attending the Fun Day on Sunday – your show was a resounding success as could be seen by the number of children watching and laughing.” - Buckley Town Council

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