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Vacation Care and OHSC

magic puppet show incursion oshc

We offer a choice of two 45min Vacation Care / OSHC shows!

The 'Puppet-tastic' Show begins with a fun-filled, laughter packed magic and puppet show and ends with a demonstration of how different types of puppet are made and used. We then provide templates to make simple puppets using paper, card, scissors, glue and colouring pens or pencils!

The 'Magic Makers' Show also starts with a magic and puppet show but ends with three magic tricks being performed and explained. Again, these are simple to make and perform and all templates and instructions are provided.

We provide a 30mins show followed by a tutorial in either magic tricks or puppet making complete with templates and instructions! Once the show is over, the fun continues. You just provide the materials the paper, scissors etc!

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